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Market Intelligence Solutions

CiG is your full service marketing intelligence and direct media solution provider.

Profiling Customers and Markets

Discover new customers and market potential in 90 seconds with intelligent|view, our revolutionary web based insights tool.

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Direct and Digital Media Brokerage

As one of Canada’s largest Direct and Digital Media Brokers we can  reach your target audience via Direct Mail, Email, Mobile, Digital and Telemarketing.

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Data Processing and Integration

100% client retention rate for our data processing services. Why? We have the experts and tools to deliver upon the complexities of data processing faster, more cost effectively and with the best service levels.

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Find and Target Future Customers

Our robust Profiling and Targeting toolkit enables us to find, profile, target and reach your prospects and customers in any direct media channel across Canada and the U.S. 

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Marketing and Prospecting Database Development

We rapidly deliver a fully functional prospecting and marketing database on a simple pay-as-you-go plan.

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List Management Services

Your customer list is one of your most valuable assets. We understand that, and will work with you to effectively monetize, protect and grow that asset.

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60% of Canadians say they want to receive personalized marketing offers and promotions from companies.
Let us help you reach them.

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What our clients say

  • "Quickly and simply understanding a set of customers or a potential market has been very easy with intelligent|view.  We were early adopters of the platform and have integrated its information into a number of business planning exercises and acquisition campaign targeting."
    Filomena Henriques, Director, Direct Marketing - Scotiabank
  • "Our relationship with CiG started with the integration of our data into their consumer|intel product,  but has grown into a strong partnership that keeps evolving as we continue to integrate our strengths and services to solve marketers challenges."
    Jacob Ciesielski, InfoCanada, an InfoGroup Company
  • "CiG and intelligent|view have changed the way I understand my audience and improves the way I buy media. I am able to successfully expand my list media choices beyond the traditional not for profit universe."
    Janice Gray, Manager, Lottery - Canadian Cancer Society

CiG Partners

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